Marlo was seen in episode 12 the great game of camouflage hide and seek

  • Nico was flying around the amazon rainforest, shouting "Ready or not! Here I come!", and looking for Pedro,Blu,Jewel, and Eva.Nico saw a purple color on the pile of plums,he knew blu was trying to trick Nico and make him walk past him.Nico told blu to come out of the plum pile,but it was Marlo the purple spix macaw.Nico ignored marlo and went to find his friends,who he found very fast.Once nico found all of his friends,he told them what he saw.Nico's friends gasp as he tells them what he saw.The five birds flew to Marlo's hollow to tell her why she ruined the game.Marlo said she just wanted to play hide and seek with new friends using her camouflage. Nico and his friends want to see if Marlo really has the camouflage to win hide and seek.Marlo agreed,but she gave nico and his friends a catch though:one of them will be it, looking for her.All of nico's friends voted him,that meant nico was it.Nico said it would be easy after he found Marlo the first time,so he'll find her twice.Nico searched everywhere,but couldn't find marlo.Nico gave up and told marlo to come out,Marlo came out of the bush covered with purple flowers,nico couldn't believe he didn't check there.Nico told Marlo that she thinks hide and seek is easy with her camouflage,she'll seek and Nico will hide.Marlo agreed and covered her eyes,nico went to hide.Marlo was looking for nico,when she walked past him,nico sneezed.Marlo found nico once he sneezed in the yellow flowers.Nico hid everywhere his color,but Marlo kept finding him.Marlo told nico to give up,he refused and decided to play one more game of hide and seek,Marlo found one place that he never hid before,a beehive.marlo walked past Nico in the beehive several times and couldn't find him.Nico was winning until a bee stung him,causing him to yell "ooh that hurts so much!".Marlo heard nico in the beehive and found him,when nico was found,he told marlo to get the bees away from him,she agreed and got the bees away from Nico.Nico told Marlo she was better at hide and seek than him and apologized.Marlo was sorry for Nico not finding her using her camouflage and said that they can play again if Nico wants.Nico agreed and began to count,all of his friends ran to hide,including Marlo,who was now friends with him.The episode ends with Nico still counting and the screen pans to the wonderful sunset in the background.